AUTOBEST: 2506 Troy Ave. South El Monte, CA

Project Drawings: (Downloadable PDF Format)

Additional Files:

RFI – Q&A Forum:

Project architect’s preliminary responses to some of the RFI questions:

Elevator change: Yes, there will be a modification for hydraulic.

Finish Metal sheeting front of building: Clad (powder coated)

Wall finish bathrooms: 4′ tile, remaining paint.

Stair stringer material/construction: wood. With drywall enclosed.

Back wall finish. Naked or paint.

Fire sprinkler: up to owner (might tie in w existing building).

Alarm: Same as sprinkler.

Skylight make/model: N/A up to owner.

Fountain filtration: up to owner.

60 mil TPO in place of built up asphalt: Yes

Soils report, Compaction, grading specs; Will be uploaded.

Stucco sand finish or smooth: Sand.

Office and lobby flooring: Up to owner, maybe left naked cc.

Solar Kw requirement: Up to owner, later date.

New plans will be uploaded to be scalable.